How to tell your self doubt to shut the heck up once and for all (and to hear your true inner voice)

Hey Beautiful People,

I am going to discuss with you how you can hear your true voice over all of the other noise.. the noise of self doubt, the noise of what others values and opinions. I want to share with you how you can make choices and see the opportunities that are perfectly aligned to you and your authentic self. How to listen to your inner voice and access all that is aligned to you and the amazing being that you are.

3 Practices that you can implement right now are -

Drop into your heart

Take 3 deep cleansing breaths

In through your nose and out through your mouth

Allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears

Bring your focus to the center of your chest

Really feel in this area

Connect with the different vibrations and sensations

Once you are in this space ask yourself "what do I need to know right now." The answer will come.

Hear and strengthen your intuition

Your intuition is constantly talking to you…. Can you hear it? Do you acknowledge it? The best way to activate and strengthen your intuition is to take positive action on the inner feeling…. The little voice you hear… Take this exit… or slow down…. Call mum. Every time you act on your intuition you are confirming that it is useful and needed.

See Opportunities

Within every problem or blockage there is a golden ray of light. Shift your focus to look for the opportunity. For example your flight is delayed by an hour, instead of focussing that you are going to be late look for a positive action that you can take to make the most of the situation. This may be you now have time to make client calls, write a blog, call a family member or do a self empowering practice such as journalling. There is always a diamond in the ruff.

If you fully embody these practices you will feel more connected to yourself, you will make decisions that are aligned uniquely to you, you will find clarity.

I really want you to consider that life doesn’t have to be on replay. You can live in the present. You truly can overcome your self doubt and the opinions that others ideals for you.

I invite you to try these practices out for the next 7 days and let me know how you go.

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