Express your love

Soul Practice Oracle card reading- 22nd October 2020

Element- Water

Express your love

"We assume that the ones we love the most know exactly how we feel about them. The reality is they don't. Express your love."

Oh beautiful heart, why is it that you lock yourself in a cast iron box?

What fear are you choosing to hold onto?

Fear comes from a core wounding. A belief system or program that you have embodied. This has served you well up until this point however you have changed, your environment has changed and its time to release the fear in order for you to love fearlessly from a place of pure intent.

Forgive yourself, love yourself, honour yourself.

Soul Practice from the Soul Practice Oracle Cards (pre-order sale in store)

Close your eyes, and take 3 deep, cleansing breaths

Bring your attention to your heart

Really feel into the love you hold there and ask, to whom do you need to express love?

Go sit with your loved one, without distractions

Look deeply into their eyes, drop into your heart, and from that space express your feelings without any longing for a response, without any conditions

Allow your heart to shine through

And show them the love you hold for them

Your practice is complete

Image - photo was taken by me at Kirra, Queensland - Australia

on sunset and the amazing graphics for the cards are from the magic at Aleph Studios

So much love to you all xo


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