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The world we live in is disconnected. Whilst we are connected to our phones, social media and the likes we are seriously disconnected from each other, from the earth and from our souls. Our lives are so busy that we almost function on auto pilot without thinking or feeling. The same day over and over again. Our creativity seriously stifled. This is a world gone mad.

If you are reading this post I dare say that you have heard of the term "You Create Your Reality". I believe this statement to be true. Every situation and experience you have had in this lifetime you have created. Sit with that for a minute and really breath it in. EVERY SITUATION AND EXPERIENCE YOU HAVE HAD IN THIS LIFE TIME YOU HAVE CREATED.

Feel the power of that statement. FEEL YOUR POWER!

In a world that is disconnected it is so easy to be swept into the rip of just surviving, of doing what you have been told to do. Of doing what society tells you to do. Of not listening to you and your inner creativity.... not listening to your soul.

The average Australian is raised to go to school, go to uni, get a a hecs debt, work, buy a house with a heavy mortgage, have kids, continue to work most of your waking hours to pay off your debt and then retire if you are lucky with 10years to do the grey nomad caravan trip around Australia.

Is this really what you want? I mean if you do that is perfectly fine... Yay for you but I mean really.... surely there is something far grander that your soul yearns to do. Can you feel it?

Perhaps the problem lies here.... in the feeling. The more disconnected we become the less we feel. We numb our pains with alcohol, netflicks, food, social media. I mean that's what everyone does, right? Whilst there is nothing wrong with zoning our every now and then... make sure you are choosing to do and not doing it on autopilot.

There is a saying that routine kills creativity. This is another statement that I believe to be true. I want you to think of a time that you were traveling or if you haven't travel.... TRAVEL so that you know how this feels. What it is like to have no routine. To be open to all possibilities, to be open to connecting with people and going on new adventures.... to be open to experience.

Bring this into your life. Embody the traveller, the adventure the thrill seeker. Breathe life into your being. Become present in every moment. Notice the person you are standing next to as you line up for coffee. Say hi.... CONNECT!

Here are 3 Practices to connect to your soul -

1. Observe Nature

Go and sit by the ocean, by a stream or in front of tree.

Observe nature. Become present. Notice how the wave licks

at the shoreline. How the stream caresses the bank or how

leaves sway in the breeze. Observe without judgement.

2. Take a different path

Drive, walk, bus or bike ride a different path to work. Break things up and be open to making

choices rather than operating on auto pilot. The more you break up routine the more open you

will become to activating your creativity and seeing new opportunities.

3. Tell someone you love that you care

Go to a person that you think the world of and tell them what you think. Tell them how they make

you feel or what you admire about them. Don't keep this to yourself. The more

greatness you see in others the more greatness you will see in yourself.

Try these three practices every day for the next 7 days and let me know what unfolds for you.

Practices such as these are in the Soul Practice Oracle Cards. Message me if you would like to order your own deck.

Always allow the magic to happen xo


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