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Finish 2017 off with a little Magic!!

Wowsers.... we are half way through the year! Yikes! Now is the perfect time to set your intentions to the remainder of the year.

Ok I am going to guide you through one simple practice that will help you to gain clarity on what you want to create in 2017.

What you'll need -

A Journal

A pen or pencil

An environment or sacred space (nature is where I feel most connected). A place you can write freely and uninterrupted.

Guide yourself back to centre by taking 3 cleansing breaths, in through your nose, filling up your chest first and stomach last. Out through your mouth, releasing all that does not support your highest vibration.

Allow your breath to come back to your natural rhythm.

You are about to time travel in a sense.... pick up your pen and write-

(Today is the 31st December 2017. Wow, another year is coming to end. I feel........(allow yourself to really connect with the feeling you want to have.... do you feel joy, love, pride, a sense of empowerment and accomplishment?.... You get to choose....How do you want to feel?) Now that you feel that feeling deep within your core.... write it down.

I feel..........

Now write-

I have experienced, achieved and created so much this year. I am so grateful for........ (This is where you can be really specific. List everything that your future self is grateful for..... detail everything no matter how crazy or impossible it seems, this is your time to imagine, to create..... you know the saying 'If you can imagine it you are half way there' So feel into your inner child and write with freedom.... no holding back! EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.... EVERYTHING!)

I am so grateful for...........

Write -

I have gained wisdom in..........(Write all the qualities, skills and understanding you wish to activate)

I have gained wisdom in.......

Write -

I am so grateful. All I have created, all the experiences, the wisdom I have gained has lifted my vibration and the vibration of those around me. I am grateful. And so it is.

Once you have finished writing allow yourself to come to a meditative state by taking 3 cleansing breaths.

Now imagine your future self, sitting, writing in your journal just has you have right now however in the future on 31st December 2017.

Where are your sitting? What do you look like? What is the temperature? What are the smells in the air? How do you feel? Take yourself to your future and watch yourself writing in your journal about the amazing year you have had. Sit with this image for as long as you feel called to. Then come back to your body.

Your practice is now complete.

You are so AMAZING!!!! You really are! What YOU imagine is POSSIBLE! TRUST in yourself!

I would love to support you in creating an AMAZING 2017. For the launch of my beautiful SOUL PRACTICE ORACLE CARDS I am offering the UNIQUELY YOURS Session. You will receive your very own deck of Soul Practice Oracle Cards, Journal and 1 hour session with me. I will help you to clear any blocks and design your Soul Practice that is uniquely aligned to you and will give you the best opportunity to create MAGIC this year.

The normal RRP is $249.95 for the next 17 days of the campaign the UNIQUELY YOURS Session is available for $95! Yay! I want YOU to create a MAGICAL 2017.

Book your session online now!

Remember..... always allow the magic to happen xo

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