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A Letter To A Soulful Business Owner

A letter to a soulful business owner 🌠🦄

You know you are here to make a positive difference in the world, and your heart yearns for success and flow in your business to allow you to do that.

But too often your business is feeling like a chore instead of your passion.

You have occasional thoughts about giving up on your business, and that it would be lot easier to just go and get a job.

But something keeps you going - you have a flame burning inside you. You KNOW this is what you’re meant to be doing, and you can see and feel the potential but there seems to be something always getting in the way.. (and you suspect it’s you!)

I know the feeling because I’ve been there myself!

The people who have just completed the first round of Quantum Spirit medicine for business came for support in the following areas:


"I felt ready for a change in my professional business life and personal life but didn’t feel I had the direction or clarity to know what to do."


"I felt reasonably content, excited and expectant with relatively recent developments in my business. Within a comfort zone that I mildly disliked."


" Life – good. Business – guilty. Lots of ‘shoulds’, should be working harder, should be doing more, should have this done by now etc. Feeling weighed down"


" I felt confused around having tried SO many things - wondering if I was on the right path or had made the wrong choice about my business methods at times."

Instead, they wanted to feel the open, creative flow of their business. Be able to hear and see the opportunities, and take action with confidence and knowing.

(First it may require you to lose attachment to what we think it should be so we can allow it to come through as to how it actually should be.)

What if your business was soft and nurturing and loving?

Would you like to reconnect to your business with flow and ease?

Come and join me for 21 days of Quantum Spirit Medicine.

The unique aspect of this course is acknowledging your business as an entity in its own right, that you are in a divine relationship with. Over time, this relationship might have built up resentment, lack of communication flow, loss of passion. This build up can lead to inconsistencies in your business, and feeling like it’s a chore instead of a core aspect of your divine life purpose.

The overall intention of participating fully in the 21 days is creating a divine communion between you and your business.

This involves an energetic RESET of you and your business, so you can move forward together with renewed optimism and enthusiasm and enjoy the success you desire.

In order to achieve this, we will shift negative patterns, mind blocks, DNA, ancestral programming, any past life contracts and agreements, hooks and chords, soul retrieval - and anything else that needs to be cleared which might be preventing flow and abundance in your business.

We will also infuse you - and your business - with positive success patterns, clarity about next steps in your business, the energy of welcoming and receiving money, inspiration and higher guidance.

Your investment of $297 includes:

- Membership of a Facebook group just for the participants in this round of the Quantum Spirit Medicine

- Daily energy clearings for each of 21 days

- Journalling and personal insight exercises to help you and your business

- Three live stream group energy clearings

- Guided meditation to allow you to meet and connect with the entity of your business

If you would like to join us, we are starting on Monday 29th July.

Reply to this message if you have any questions.

Oh and that friend you were thinking of while reading this, send this post to them so they can create and connect with their magic as well.

I look forward to you joining us!

Bronwyn & Garland of Hope

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