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Soul Practice Reading - Find Solitude in Nature

Find Solitude in nature card from the Soul Practice Oracle Card deck

Today I felt called to share a collective reading from the soul practice oracle cards. Before you continue reading this text take a moment to come into stillness. To breath, filling up your chest first and stomach last, with every inhale feel the air fill your lungs with life and with every exhale breathe out all of your worries and concerns. Now bring your gaze to the image. With every inward breath imagine that you are breathing in the image through your eyes. The image that you are looking at has a resonance and a healing quality. Allow yourself to receive the energy for a couple moments.

How are you feeling? More present, maybe a little calmer? If you are still feeling fractured or out of your body go back to the image and take a few more moments to breathe it in. Give yourself this gift.

Find Solitude in Nature

Your soul is calling for you to slow down, to become still and to connect. You may have been feeling the pressures of the hectic world around you, the pressures of all the doings. This is partly your creation and also the energies of all of those around you. When you keep doing without stopping, becoming still and recalibrating you create stress, anxiety and disharmony in your field and your body. This is not useful to you or anyone around you and can result in discomfort, emotional imbalance, disharmony and dis-ease. There is an expression that you can't pour from an empty cup. This act of self love is so important. Consider it an investment into energetic bank of your soul. Receive this message as your soul talking to you. I will provide you the soul practice to complete however if all you do is go and sit, breathe and be this will be your medicine and you will feel so much more in harmony.

Find Solitude in Nature

The message in this card is "Connect with nature and allow your soul to speak"

Element - Earth

Go to your nearest nature reserve, beach, forest or lake.

Somewhere that you can be alone.

Take your journal and write for one hour, free of judgement, in complete allowance

Once you have finished writing just sit, with no intention of doing anything else apart from sitting

When you feel completely rejuvenated and centered, your practice is complete

Allow the magic to happen!

Bronwyn x

PS- You can now subscribe to a weekly personal Soul Practice Reading direct to your inbox that is unique to you. The reading will give you some intuitive insight as well as a practice that you can do for the week to support you to connect and come into alignment. Either respond to this email or go to the website to book.

PPS - We are now taking pre-sale orders for the second edition of the Soul Practice Oracle Cards at a super sweet price of $25 AUD plus postage

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