Everything Changes, 3 Practices to Open you to Change

We can learn so much from nature. Be open to hear the message.

This morning I sat a beach I visit most days. Every time my eyes take in the beauty of the landscape I am overwhelmed by how much it changes. One day all the sand is washed away exposing a roughed rocky scape, another day lagoons appear with coral and life that had been buried under the sand for months, the next sand returns covering all. Nature is truely amazing.

Although each day I am amazed, today I heard the message and the wisdom that nature shares.


Even though Froggies is still called Froggies, Froggies is not the same beach. It has changed and will never quite be the same as the Froggies I knew yesterday.

As I contemplated this I realised that we are no different to Froggies... we are no different to nature in the way that from day to day, moment to moment we change. Even though we are called the same name we are not the same person. Experiences change us, lessons change us, decisions change us, life changes us.

The person we were yesterday is not the person we are today.

As I heard this message I realised that too often we trap ourselves in believing we are a certain "type" of person. An example of this is a belief that you never get things done on time, you are not creative, you are lazy, you are tired or unwell, you don't have confidence. You aren't like the others (this one is true, you certainly aren't like any other).

Perhaps you were all of those yesterday or even this morning... and thats ok however what if in this very moment you are now courageous, you are now creative, you are now productive and you are now radiating pure light and potential!

Be open to change!

So at this point you may be asking yourself how can I do this? How can I be open to change and becoming my pure potential?

Here are a 3 practices that can support you -

1. Connect with nature

Go to your nearest beach, park, lake or nature reserve.

Take your shoes off and place your feet on the earth.


Take 3 cleansing breaths in through the nose, out through the mouth

Feel into the centre of your chest, feel into your heart space

Shoulders drop away from your ears

Relax, just be

Observe nature

Take notice of how the wind moves the branches on the trees or how the waves crash on the rocks


Let everything that is not of benefit to you slip away

Feel the energy of the land

Imagine that you are one.... there is no ending from your energy to that of the land

Be in this space for as long as you feel necessary

2. Affirmations

Write in your journal, on the mirror and anywhere that you will see regularly.

I am free

I am open to change with ease and grace

I am (your name)

3. Energy Clearing and Restoration

We can carry lower vibrational energies in our body and energy field that can trap us in a program of limiting beliefs. We may have created this ourselves through different experiences, or we may have inherited these energies from our ancestors or past lives. It doesn't matter where they have come from what matters is that you can shift them by learning techniques and practices or by seeking the support of an energy worker.

You are can change! You are not trapped! You can become your truest potential!

I am offering a 6 week Soul Practice & Alignment Program starting 26th September.

I can not express how powerful this program is and how much value you will receive.

- Weekly remote group Energy Clearing & Restoration Session This itself will be life changing. Every week I will go through a list clearing away lower vibrational energies that do not belong to you. These energies you may have been carrying for many life times.

- Weekly Live Stream Clearing and Restoration Meditation Through meditation I will teach you how to clear and restore energy in your body, energetic field and at a soul level.

- Weekly Video Live Chat on ZOOM

Each week we will have a focus point for the week and have weekly shares. This is so powerful! To come together in a supportive environment and witness each other.

- Design Your Soul Practice

I will share insight from the Soul Practice Oracle Cards and show you how you can design a Soul Practice that is energetically aligned to you

I want this course to be intimate so I am offering the course to just 15 people. There are 9 spaces left.

The course is $367 however I am extending the offer to purchase the course for $97 until Friday. Yippee!

If this resonates with you then email me at garlandofhope@outlook.com send me a fb private message.

Now is the time for you to be YOU! You are so amazing!

Allow the magic to happen xo


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