Becoming connected in a disconnected world with food

A basic function for humans to exist as a healthy functioning being is the consumption of food. This same function and our disconnect from it is also what is making us sick. The world around us is picking up speed, moving so fast, we are getting swept up in a fury of doing. When it comes to food we are seeking and acting on cravings that will have maximum flavour and nourishment and we want it now with little preparation. Sometimes we don't even stop to eat, stuffing food into our mouths whilst working on our lap tops or driving from job to job with little regard for where the food came from and whether it is actually what our body needs.

Because we are so unconscious with feeding ourselves we tend to over consume, seeking that full feeling before our stomach has had time to communicate fullness, stuffing ourselves, then wondering why we feel tired and sluggish as out body moves into the task of digesting inappropriate food types and amounts as we are so disconnected from our bodies.

In this day and age we have the wonderful convenience of supermarkets and this is where the disconnect begins. We no longer have an appreciation of how our food is grown, the time it takes and all the elements that is involved. Because of this disconnect we waste so much food. Last year I worked in a restaurant and was shocked by the amount of food people wasted. Bags and bags of food that was once a living and breathing organism whether it plant or animal discarded with no appreciation for the years of creation before it wound up on their plate.

So let us ask ourselves some questions in relationship to our affair with food.

How do you think your relationship with food would change if you tuned into your body before eating?

Literally asking your body what it wants. Our bodies are a highly intelligent organism that knows what it requires to heal and flourish. Our bodies are communicating with us all the time, tune into it, put aside the cravings and the want of convenience and take a moment to check in. Muscle testing can be really good process to receive messages from the body. There is a multitude of articles on this on the internet.

How do you think that you would consume food if you knew where it came from and the process it went through before ending up on your plate?

Unless your food was manufactured in a lab (yuk), your food was once living and breathing and went through a process taking years to perfect. For vegetables, the compost takes a year to break down, the soil needs to be turned, seeds planted, fertilised, nurtured, watered, harvested before it is packaged and shipped to your supermarket. For animals, well this very process of becoming connected with my food triggered me to stop eating meat as I considered the process the animal went through before ending on my plate. Would you throw that life into a bin? Would you over consume or consume it at all?

There are two processes in the Soul Practice Oracle Cards that I will share that will help you to become more connected with your food.

Cook with Love

The message in this card is "Put love into your food"

When you cook with love you increase the vibration and the health benefits of the food

Put on your favourite music and allow yourself to come to center by taking 3 deep, cleansing breaths

Bring your attention to your heart space, and really feel the love you hold in your heart

Now allow this energy to expand outwards through your body, radiating into the room

With this beautiful heartfelt energy still radiating, keeping a focus on your heart space and the love you hold there, begin preparing your meal

Imagining that the beautiful energy from your heart travels down your arms, through your hands and into your food

Dance, sing, have fun while you cook... you will taste the difference

Your practice is complete

Mindful Eating

The message in this card is "Eat slowly, digest, be mindful and enjoy"

Bring yourself to center by taking 3 deep, cleansing breaths and coming into your heart space

Now start by observing your food

Notice the colour

The shape

The contours

Observe without any judgement, narrative or thought

As you pick up your food up notice it’s weight... if you are holding it in your hand become aware of how it feels on your skin

Bring your food to your nose and inhale, breathing in the aroma. Notice the different smells... Is it spicy, floral, sweet? Does it have citrus tones?

Take a bite, noticing the feeling as it brushes past your lips

How does the food feel on your tongue?

Notice the flavours, the textures… Really connect with the taste

Chew slowly, very slowly, allowing the food to roll over your tongue

Notice how your saliva builds

Feel the energy of the food

Chew your mouthful at least 21 times

When you swallow, observe how your food feels as it travels down your throat and into your stomach

Just sit and notice how you feel

Then take the next bite, and continue the practice until you have mindfully eaten your whole meal

Your practice is complete

As we reconnect with our food, have an appreciation for it, feel the energy and vibrant nourishment it provides, food will return to being medicine, we will take what we need and will have respect for how it is created and work in synergy with the earth understanding that there is no separation.

We will thrive.

Allow the magic to happen xo


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