Finish 2017 off with a little Magic!!

Wowsers.... we are half way through the year! Yikes! Now is the perfect time to set your intentions to the remainder of the year. Ok I am going to guide you through one simple practice that will help you to gain clarity on what you want to create in 2017. What you'll need - A Journal A pen or pencil An environment or sacred space (nature is where I feel most connected). A place you can write freely and uninterrupted. Guide yourself back to centre by taking 3 cleansing breaths, in through your nose, filling up your chest first and stomach last. Out through your mouth, releasing all that does not support your highest vibration. Allow your breath to come back to your natural rhythm. You are abo

How to tell your self doubt to shut the heck up once and for all (and to hear your true inner voice)

Hey Beautiful People, I am going to discuss with you how you can hear your true voice over all of the other noise.. the noise of self doubt, the noise of what others values and opinions. I want to share with you how you can make choices and see the opportunities that are perfectly aligned to you and your authentic self. How to listen to your inner voice and access all that is aligned to you and the amazing being that you are. 3 Practices that you can implement right now are - Drop into your heart Take 3 deep cleansing breaths In through your nose and out through your mouth Allow your shoulders to drop away from your ears Bring your focus to the center of your chest Really feel in this area

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